Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kalisch

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kalisch

Curriculum Vitae
10/2006-10/2010 Tutor, Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics I&II. Lecture given by Prof. Albrecht Bertram, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg
04/2006 - 2014 PhD study, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Topic: Phenomenological Plasticity of Polycrystals
08/2004-10/2004 Internship, Rolls-Royce, Dahlewitz. Experimental and theoretical investigations of temperature- and pressure- sensitve paints
10/2002-09/2004 Tutor, Introduction to Physics for Engineers. Lecture given by Prof. Christian Thomsen, TU Berlin
10/2000-11/2005 Diploma, Physical Engineering Sciences, TU Berlin. Focus on Materials science and Thermodynamics

 Research Interests

  • The evolution of the crystallographic texture and its impact on the elastoplastic behaviour of polycrystals
  • Fourier expansion on SO(3) and harmonic tensors
  • Discrete isotropic orientation distributions
  • Phenomenological plasticity of polycrystals

 Recent publications

  • J. Kalisch, I. Müller; Strategic and evolutionary equilibria in a population of hawks and doves. Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico in Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento 78, pp. 163-171 (2006).
  •  R. Glüge, J. Kalisch; A lower bound estimation of a twinning stress for Mg by a stress jump analysis at the twin-parent interface. In: A. Bertram, J. Tomas [Eds.]. Micro-Macro-Interactions in Structured Media and Particle Systems, Springer-Verlag (2008).
  •  J. Kalisch, A. Bertram; On the Evolution of the Crystallographic Texture of Cubic Polycrystals in Coaxial Processes. International Journal of Material Forming, Vol. 3, Supplement 1: 57-60 (2010).

Research Topic

Crystallographic texture, anisotropy of polycrystals


Prof. A. Bertram

Brief Resume

Born 1981 in Berlin, Germany






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