Dr. Gourisankar Sandaka

Dr. Gourisankar Sandaka

Curriculum Vitae
6.04.2016 Defence "Calcination behavior of lumpy limestones of different origins"
2009 2016 PhD Study and Associated Ph.D. student, Faculty of Process and System Engineering, Mechanical Process Engineering, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany.
2004-2006 M.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
1999-2003 B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Andhra University College of Engineering, AP, India

Working Experiences

2006-2009 Programmer Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Ind

Research topic

Modeling of lime calcination from single particle to macro kiln


Prof. E.Specht

Brief Resume

Born 1981 in Ichapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India


A. Kannan, P.Ch. Gourisankar Sandakar,  2008. Heat transfer analysis of canned food sterilization in a still retort, Journal of Food Engineering, 88 (2), 213-228

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