Summer School Berlin 2012

Place: Wissenschaftsforum, Berlin

Date: 4-8, June 2012

This five day workshopwas organized  by the phd-students under different themes. On 04-06-2012 we started our journey from Magdeburg to Berlin at 06:58 am. The workshop was scheduled to take place at the Wissenschaftsforum, which is located at the Gendarmenmarkt. This is a wonderful location which is surrounded by many historical sites.

Shortly after our arrival at the workshop venue we refreshed ourselves with a mini-breakfast. The day's program was organized by Sebastian  and started at 9:45am as scheduled, with a theme of Crystal Plasticity. On this day, students from the group of Prof. Bertram presented their recent results. In addition there were talks from three invited guests. After theday's scientific activities, we all went for a tour of the places in the vicinity of the Gendarmenmarkt. The first day ended with a wonderful dinner at the restaurant Löwenbräu which is very close to Gendarmenmarkt. After the dinner, all participants headed to the excellent city view hotel "Motel one" where we all lodged throughout the workshop.

The second day was organized by young and energetic Oksana from the group of Prof. Altenbach under the theme Metal Creep . On this day there were two talks from guest researchers in addition to other student presentations. In the evening we visited the technical Museum where two guided tours were arranged, one in English and the other in Germany. This was a wonderful tour choice as we were able to witness the evolution of some of the world transport systems, ranging from bicycles, ships, cars, locomotives, to aeroplanes. At the end of the day, with excitement, we all headed to AARTI Indian restaurant for a very delicious dinner.

The third day program was organized by Pavan Kumar from the group of Prof. Specht and Prof. Schmidt. The theme of the day was Thermal aspects of Micro-macro systems. Two guest lecturers were invited on this day to present their work. In the afternoon, Pavan and Prof. Specht arranged a guided tour of the Charlottenburg palace. After the tour we had dinner at a nearby Opera Italiana restaurant. This was a day when the weather was not friendly at all. However, the excellent program arrangement by Pavan made it a memorable day.

On the fourth day, students from the group of Prof. Tsotsas presented their work with the theme Drying. The overall day program was organized by Yujing Wang. Prof. Hapgood was the only guest who traveled all the way from Australia to give a wonderful lecture on wet granulation. The day was caped by a visit to the German parliament and a boat trip with dinner. This was a wonderful experience and we give credit to Ms. Seekircher and Yujing for such an arrangement.

The final day of the workshop was organized by Olatunji, who is a student in the group of Prof. Tomas. The day's theme was Particle interactions. There were talks from three invited guests as well as students. Unfortunately there were no group cite seeing events on this day. Participants were given the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Berlin on their own. At 6:00 pm we started our journey back to Magdeburg. The entire workshop was coordinated by the two Post-docs Ashok Nallathambi and Vincent Ssemaganda.

Prof.Warnecke and  Prof. Tobiska group students fit themselves according to the theme. Prof. Tomas actively involved in all-day program from the beginning to the end. Prof. Bertram announced to release the Workshop Proceedings during August 2012.

Summer school Berlin 4. - 8.6.2012 Foto Reichstag 2



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