Summer school 2015

The Summer School of the Research Training Group in Berlin from 8th - 12 June 2015!

Place: Wissenschaftsforum Berlin and Weierstraß-Institute Berlin

Pictures of our Summer School


The following guests are invited:



Invited by



Prof. Sergiy Antonyuk TU Kaiserslautern Prof. Thévenin 8th June From micro behaviour of single particles to the description of dynamic multi-phase processes
Dr. Tobias Kempe

ILK Dresden

TU Dresden

Prof. Thévenin 8th June Direct numerical simulation of particle and bubble laden flows
Prof. Sashikumaar Ganesan SERC Indian Institute of Science Prof. Tobiska 9th June Effects of temperature-dependent contact angle on
the flow dynamics of an impinging droplet on a hot
solid substrate
Prof. Laurens Katgerman TU Delft, Netherlands Prof. Specht 9th June Modeling hard cracks in direct chill casting
Prof. Majid Hassanizadeh Utrecht University Prof. Tsotsas 10th June Pore-scale modelling of unsaturated flow
through highly swelling (water-absorbing) particles
Dr. Rachel Smith University of Sheffield Prof. Tsotsas 10th June Rate Processes in Wet Granulation
Prof. Elisabetta Gariboldi Politecnico Mailand Prof. Altenbach 11th June Combined effects of initial microstructural
features and of their changes during high
temperature exposure on the creep properties of
some precipitation-hardened aluminium alloys
Dr. Katja Jöchen VW Wolfsburg
Jun. Prof. Krüger 11th June Micromechanical description of the mechanical
behavior of polycrystalline materials
Prof. Arnold Krawietz Beuth-Hochschule für Technik Berlin Prof. Bertram 12th June Subgrain formation during forming processes
Prof. Francesco Dell'Isola Università di Roma Prof. Bertram 12th June On Gradient Materials

During the cultural program we could learn a lot of Berlin's history.

Monday, 8th June Checkpoint Charlie
Thuesday, 9th June Technikmuseum
Wednesday, 10th June City Tour
Thursday, 11th June Berlin Dungeon

Hotel: Motel One at Spittelmarkt

For Lunch we will go to restaurant Löwenbräu.

The dinner we will take at:

Monday, 8th June Olymisches Feuer Greek Restaurant
Thuesday, 9th June Restaurant Nolle
Wednesday, 10th June Trattoria Ossena Italiean Restaurant
hursday, 11th June Weihenstephaner Bavarian Restaurant

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