The Graudiertenkolleg co-financed 2 Parent-Child-Rooms at the campus of Otto-von-Guericke-Universität.

They are located in 

im Gebäude 18, Raum 208

Tel: 67-54978

im Gebäude 40, Raum 357

Tel: 67-54979

im Gebäude 02, Raum 115

Tel: 67-43014

You can use this room if you have a child, and there is no other possibility to take care of them and you have to work. This is a room with a desk and a bed for babies and a bed for pregnant women, who need to relax a little bit. Of course you can use the room also for playing with the children, feed them or take care of them when you are having a meeting with your colleagues.

If you want to use this room, please contact

Lesske, Loreen (Dr.)   Familienbeauftragte der Universität G18-246 0391-67-12963

The room is placed in building 18, room 208

Schild - Eltern-Kind-Zimmer Eltern 

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