On January 14th and 15th we defended our RTG 1544/1.

From the group of referees advise for a continuance!

We presented the following talks and posters:

Dr. Oksana Ozhoga-Maslovskaja „Micro scale modeling of grain boundary damage under creep conditions”
M. Sc. Yujing Wang „ Tomographic visualization and pore network simulation of particle aggregate drying”
M. Sc. Mubashir Hussain “Population Balance Modeling of Spray Fluidized Bed Granulation'
Poster subject area I: Micro-Macro-Investigations of Heterogeneous Metallic Materials
Baer Heat Transfer by Intermittent Spray Cooling
Borsch Viscoplasticity of a Polymeric Composite
Chowdhury Crystal Viscoplasticity of Ti-Al Alloy under High Temperature Condition
Dodla Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Lamellar Copper-Silver Composites
Dragomirov Micro-macro Characterisation of Sprays for Combustion Analysis Using Alternative Diesel Fuels
Girchenko Modeling of Micro-and Nanostructures Made of Films and Crystals/Fibers Arrays
Glüge Optimized Representative Volume Elements
Ievdokymov Modeling of packaging behavior in closed-cell aluminum foam
Juhre A mixed multi-field representation of gradient-type problems in solid mechanics
Kalisch Crystallographic Texture - Approximation and Evolution in Terms of Harmonic Tensors
Köppl Crack initiation and propagation in multi-phase high temperature materials
Kutschke Modeling the inelastic material behaviour of advanced chromium steels
Lvov Micro-macro analysis of creep behavior in a multipass weld
Maimaiti Inelastic Behavior of Advanced Steel at Elevated Temperature
Nallathambi Thermomechanical Simulation of Continuous Casting in Twin-Belt Caster
Ozhoga-Maslovskaja Micro scale modeling of grain boundary damage under creep conditions
Penumakala Hot tearing Studies in Electromagnetic Casting of Aluminum Alloys
Prygorniev Micromechanical simulation of deformation and fatigue of polycrystalline materials
Roy Microscale Modelling of Higher Order Deformation Twinning
Schulz Spray-wall-interaction with wall film forming and evaporation
Thiem Microstructural damage in iron aluminide coatings on aluminum substrates
Tohidlou Influence of the Hardening Models on the Grain Refinement of Ni Single Crystals During the ECAP Process
Weber Material Plasticity
Zöllner Grain Boundary Migration in Polycrystalline Graphene
Poster subject area II: Particle and Pore Networks under Mechanical and Thermal Stresses
Dadkhah Morphological characterization of spray fluidized bed agglomerates by X-ray tomography
Gröpler Numerical simulation of lime shaft kilns with particle size distribution
Han Multi-phase mixture balance laws with phase transition
Simon Coupled pdes for surfactant influenced interfaces
Hussain Population balance modeling of spray fluidized bed granulation
Kamranian Mamani Compression, Consolidation, Permeation & Flow of Ultrafine Cohesive Powders
Kavaliou Finite elements in ferrofluids
Kharaghani Modeling capillary forces during convective drying of gels: influence of product and process paramaters on structure
Toderova Production of coated reference materials to modify the contact properties
Mader-Arndt Micromechanical modeling of the contact behavior of fine adhesive particles
Attari Moghaddam Estimation of effective parameters from pore network drying simulations
Müller Micro-Macro-Interactions at Stressing and Breakage of Agglomerates and Granules
Olatunji Micro-Macro Aspects of Sedimentation Analysis for Steric-stabilized Al2O3 Dispersions
Pashminehazar Micro-structure of particles produced by fluidized bed agglomeration of soft materials
Sandaka Calcination behaviour of lumpy limestones from different origins
Scheffler Generation of porous coatings in a spray fluidized bed
Ssemaganda Exact and numerical solutions for a two-phase flow model
Sun Liquid imbibition in porous media investigated by pore network modeling and pore scale experiments
Sunkara Granular flow and design studies in flighted rotating drums
Thévenin Granular flow and design studies in flighted rotating drums
Vorhauer Comparison of pore network model with macro models and experiments
Wang Pore network modelling and tomographic visualization of particle packing drying

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